Texas Quality Water Systems

15502 Hwy 3, Suite 123

Webster, TX 77598

Phone: 281-918-3355

Email: info@TxQualityWater.com

On this page, I want to have a zoomed in view of the graphics from the previous page with specific areas of focus / interest on:

  1. Chemical Plants

  2. Run Off

  3. Ground Water

  4. Surface Water

  5. Water Treatment Plant

  6. A Neighborhood/House

Here's an example of the map style I am looking for:

This one is obviously of a theme park and not of a city or metro area.

I could have Chuck just take 6 segments from the previous page and make them as 6 individual images all stitched together. That way, I could click on each one and it would advance to a page that spoke directly to that issue.